Kitchen Benchtop Replacements Gold Coast

Most kitchen companies on the Gold Coast tend to want to sell you brand new kitchens instead of giving alternative cost saving solutions.

At Kitchen Benchtop Replacements Gold Coast we do things differently.

We believe if you do not need to replace your whole kitchen then we will inform you… possibly saving you thousands of dollars.

And the best thing…

We can replace your kitchen benchtop, draws etc and it ends up looking like a brand new kitchen anyway.

Most of our work are on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Upon booking an inspection and quote, we will bring sample surfaces with us to show you what would be best suited for your kitchen.

Please note: There is a call out fee of $100 + GST as we need to visit the premises to take exact measurements and give you an exact fixed quote. If you are happy with our quote, we will take the call out fee off the quote. 


Here are some kitchens we have done on the Gold Coast

benchtops gold coast
kitchen benchtops gold coast
kitchen benchtop replacement gold coast
kitchen benchtop replacements gold coast

To find out if you can get away with a kitchen benchtop replacement or need a new kitchen

call us (07) 5609 9457 or send us an email.