How It Works?

Step One: Contact us and book an on-site inspection

The first step is to give us a call and book a on-site inspection. Before we inspect your kitchen, we will give you a call the day before to make sure there will be someone to greet us on arrival.

When shopping around for contractors, make sure you get quotes from reputable and experienced companies. The experience of ordering new kitchen benchtops or kitchen benchtop replacements is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable experience. We now offer kitchen benchtop replacements in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. I

Please note: There is a call out fee of $100 + GST as we need to visit the premises to take exact measurements and give you an exact fixed quote. If you are happy with our quote, we will take the call out fee off the quote. 

Step Two: We give you the best solution and quote

Once we arrive on your site (residence or commercial) we will first need to investigate the best option for your needs. At times, the client has requested us to inspect the site and quote on a new kitchen replacement, and we end up recommending just the replacements the kitchen benchtops as the rest of the kitchen was still in very good condition.

We then show you some samples and the best surfaces to match you existing kitchen.

If your kitchen needs more than just a new kitchen benchtop, we can also give you a quote for a new kitchen.

Once we establish the best solution for you and know exactly what you want, we will then be able to price it up and give you a fixed quote. 

Step Three: Once the quote has been accepted work will commence

If you are happy with the quote, we then schedule a time that suits you and we request a small deposit to commence the work.

Step Four: Work is complete and handover

Most brand new kitchen bentchop replacements can take up to a week to build. This includes dismantling the old kitchen and taking the waste to the tip. Depending on your location, the kitchen benchtops can take a few days to be delivered to your home and kitchen benchtop replacement can take a few days to install. 

Upon handover, we also make sure we leave the premises spotless.

Kitchen benchtops surfaces comes in varies materials, designs and colours. Below is a small sample.

Gold Coast Kitchen Benchtop colours

If you are in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney or Melbourne and would like to see a range of kitchen benchtops, request a kitchen benchtop replacement quote or a quote for a new kitchen then call us today (07) 5609 9457.